Greggs driver stranded on motorway decides everyone needs a free doughnut

Greggs driver hands out cakes for free after getting stuck in snow METRO GRAB taken from: Credit: Matt Bowman/Twitter

These drivers must have been fearing the worst when their cars got stranded on the A1 this morning. But an unlikely hero saved their misery, for a few hours at least.

He wasnt wearing a cape, but he did have his Greggs uniform on. Jon is a delivery driver for Greggs and he was en route to a drop-off when his lorry full of a cakes and doughnuts grinded to a halt near Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland. As the heavy snow kept coming, Jon decided to cheer everyone up.


He got the go-ahead from head office and started unloading boxes of the good stuff from his lorry.


He told Heart radio station: ‘I’ve been giving out whatever I’ve got in the back – the doughnuts, biscuits and all of that stuff. ‘I walked up and down the A1 just handing stuff out. Whatever they wanted that was on the stack, it was all free.’ Les Goff, 39, bumped into Jon on the motorway and they both went about delivering as many cakes as they could to other stranded motorists.

He told that there was a blizzard out when he came across him. ‘He offered me a cake and asked me if I’d help him deliver the cakes and doughnuts,’ he said. ‘It definitely lightened the mood, people were pleased.’ While it may have briefly cheered everyone up, Les said he’s now been stuck in traffic for 13 hours and it looks like it’s going to be a long night.




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