Biker Gangs Guard NZ Mosques During First Friday Prayer After Deadly Shooting

In a bit of heartwarming news, New Zealand bikers vowed to stand guard outside local mosques as Muslims attend their first Friday prayer after the Christchurch massacre which took the lives of 50 and injured 50 more on March 15.

The president of the Waikato Mongrel Mob, Sonny Fatu, offered to protect the Jamia Masjid Mosque in Hamilton, telling New Zealand news outlet Stuff, “We will support and assist our Muslim brothers and sisters for however long they need us.”

The Mongrel Mob claimed they were contacted by representatives who told them that some members of the Muslim community were worried about going to Jummah (Friday prayers). “The question was posed whether we could be a part of the safety net for them to allow them to pray in peace without fear,” Fatu said.

Of course we would do that, there was no question about that and we will be dressed appropriately,” Fatu explained. “We will not be armed. We are peacefully securing the inner gated perimeter, with other community members, to allow them to feel at ease.”

The head of the Waikato Muslim Association, Dr. Asad Mohsin, said he appreciated the support that the Muslim community received from “different sections of society, different interests and dispositions,” adding, “It all gives us strength to overcome the grief we are undergoing.”

Mohsin told the New Zealand Herald that while he was happy to receive the offer of protection from the biker gangs, they were not actually scared. “There are no fears, and we are not scared. They don’t have to stand outside the mosque, they can come inside, right behind where the sermon is given,” he said.

Members of The King Cobra gang paid their respects Saturday to senior members of the Al-Masjid Al-Jamie mosque in Ponsonby, according to the UK’s Evening Standard.

h/t: Evening Standard, New Zealand Herald

Written by Dean Altman

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.