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People Are In Love With This Little Girl And Her Duck Best Friend

Most of us have at least one friend that we’ve known since we were a kid. There’s no bond quite as pure as a childhood friendship. That being said, friends come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes they’re not even human. Your childhood companion could have been a dog or cat or maybe even a duck. Yes, that’s right, a duck. At least, that’s the case for one adorable little girl and her very best friend who came with a beak and webbed feet.

8-year-old Kylie Brown of Freeport, Maine takes her duck Snowflake with her everywhere.

CBS News

The unlikely pair found each other at a local park about three years ago and their bond is stronger than ever. In fact, Snowflake truly believes that Kylie is his mother and Kylie is under the same impression.

CBS News

“I’m his mom,” Kylie told CBS News.

Snowflake’s attachment to Kylie became apparent right away and he refused to leave the 8-year-old’s side. That’s when Kylie’s parents were forced to make Snowflake a house duck.

“He goes everywhere that ducks are allowed and almost everywhere they’re not allowed. I don’t know if you’ve ever had a 2-year-old or a 4-year-old that wouldn’t leave home without its blankie. She would not leave home without her duck. And at that point, nothing is negotiable,” Kylie’s father Mike said.

CBS News

Kylie and Snowflake do everything together. Snowflake goes to the beach in the summer and sleds in the winter. He even goes along with Kylie to sleepovers and soccer practice.

Last year, he joined Kylie for trick or treating and was dressed as Olaf, the snowman from Frozen.

CBS News

The pair believe they belong together and their connection is unbreakable.

“It’s special that I know that that’s the type of person she’s going to be,” Mike said.

In the years following the onset of their companionship, Kylie has taken on an even more motherly role. She’s taught Snowflake how to read—or at least not eat her books—and Kylie has signed him up to be a therapy duck.

CBS News

Unsurprisingly, people are head over heels for Kylie and Snowflake.


Even actress Kristen Bell is a fan of the pair.

h/t CBS News

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