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Dad Turns His Daughters Wheelchair Into Her Own Mini Police Car

The best parents are those who go above and beyond for their child’s happiness. Parenting is all about sacrifice and unconditional love, even on the days when your patience is spent. This is why people are falling in love with a Colorado dad who went the extra mile to make his daughter feel more comfortable in her wheelchair. Their story is just the dose of wholesome you need today, guaranteed.

This is the adorable Officer Haley Hauck.


The 7-year-old was diagnosed with an epileptic disorder that depletes use of the kidneys and eyes, requiring her to use a wheelchair.


To help her feel more comfortable and excited about using her wheelchair, Haley’s father went the extra mile and converted the chair into a mini police cruiser.


I made it so that she can have fun,” Hayle’s dad said. “So that, when she gets in and out of a wheelchair, she has an idea of why she needs a wheelchair, but now it’s fun.”

Officer Haley is in love with her new ride and ready to speed down the streets, fighting crime.


According to KDVR, she even received a visit from a local Thorton police officer so she could see the real deal up close.


Thorton Police Department later shared the moment on Twitter.

And people were in love with Hayley and her own little cruiser.

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Written by Emily Burns

Writer and editorial specialist based out of Austin, TX.