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Viral Video Shows Adorable Moment When Special Ed Class Learns To Hula-Hoop

Truly wholesome moments are a beautiful rarity. So, when you’re fortunate enough to capture one on camera, it’s only a matter of time before the footage goes viral. Everyone loves to watch a feel-good video and this particular one of a special ed class in Malaysia is giving us happy tears.

Muhamad Fazri Hassan is a 26-year-old teacher at SK Gas school in Sandakan town in Sabah, Malaysia.


Hassan teaches the school’s special education program and recently filmed his students playing with hula hoops during PE.

The teacher told BuzzFeed News that he often tries to video his students when they’re learning a new skill so he can share the moment with their parents.

Though he initially shared the video to his Instagram stories, Hassan said it somehow made its way to Twitter where the footage went viral.

The adorable video has since garnered 3.5 million views.

Later, he decided to respond by tweeting a video of himself to answer some of the questions being posted about special education and his student Maisarah, the girl in the blue scarf who has global developmental delay.

As well as more footage of his class having fun in PE.

Hassan has been teaching the special education program since January of last year and his students’ ages range from 7 to 12.

We have our own classroom, separated from the mainstream students, and our own special curriculum,” he said.

Needless to say, people were in love with Hassan’s students.

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Written by Emily Burns

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