Runner Saved By Her Two Dogs After A Dangerous Fall Left Her Stranded

Animals are capable of some pretty amazing things.Last month, a professional runner was rescued by her two dogs after a dangerous fall and people can’t get enough of their heroic tale.

48-year-old Pita Oates was on a three-mile jog with her two collies, Buddy and Merlyn, when she fell and broke her leg.

One of the dogs stayed by Oates’s side as she inched down a hill unable to walk, while her other collie ran around barking for help. Fortunately, her barks attracted the attention of another dog walker who was able to contact emergency services.

“They were like a tag team, Buddy never left me while Merlyn went for help,” Oates said. “I would have died without a doubt, I wouldn’t have lasted the night.”

By the time help arrived, Oates was drifting in and out of consciousness due to hypothermia.

“It was the tail-end of Storm Gareth, it was freezing and I was soaking wet. The winds were horrendous,” she said.

She sustained serious leg injuries including a broken femur behind her left knee and torn anterior and cruciate ligaments.

“I couldn’t stand up, I was having to bum-shuffle all the way down,” Oates said. “Every time my leg touched the ground I was in pain so I rigged up a sling using the dog’s lead to keep my leg up.”

Paramedics drove the runner to a local hospital where she stayed for 8 days and was fitted for a titanium plate.

Oates later shared an update on her recovery.

h/t BBC


Written by Emily Burns

Writer and editorial specialist based out of Austin, TX.