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Daughter Hears Her Father’s Heartbeat For The First Time Since It Was Donated

Losing a parent is an unimaginable tragedy, one that no one should ever have to endure especially at an early age. Erika Preciado was only four years old when her father’s life was taken from him, but his organs helped save the lives of others. Recently, Erika was given the opportunity to hear her father’s heartbeat again and the moment will have you reaching for tissues.

On Tuesday, Erika Preciado was able to listen to her father’s heartbeat for the first time in 12 years after his passing.


The Modesto teen’s father was killed in a carjacking over a decade ago.


She recalls arriving at the hospital moments after the incident.

We got to the hospital and they told us what happened to my dad and my whole family’s heart just broke,” Preciado told CBS.

Her father’s organs were later donated and saved the lives of four other people including a man named Ramiro Cruz who received his heart.

“He’s just so grateful. I’m grateful my dad was able to do that for him,” Preciado said.

Preciado was recently given the opportunity to meet Cruz and listen to her father’s heart beat inside of him.

“I just figured ‘oh it’s like another heartbeat’ but when I actually heard it, it was crazy. I knew something was different about it.”


According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, there are more than 100,000 people on the national transplant waiting list. An average of 20 people die every day while waiting for a new organ.

Preciado has been inspired by the lives her father was able to save and hopes to continue helping others.

“I want to make a change because saving another life is a miracle,” she said.

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Written by Emily Burns

Writer and editorial specialist based out of Austin, TX.