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Men Invite An Elderly Widow Eating Alone To Eat With Them And It’s Too Pure

Sometimes it’s the smallest acts of kindness that have the biggest impact on the lives of others. When an elderly widow went out to eat alone last week, she was happily surprised by three new friends who decided to keep her company.

Last week, Jamario Howard joined some friends to eat at Brad’s Bar-B-Que in Lincoln, Alabama when he happened to notice an elderly woman sitting alone at a table nearby.

Howard felt compelled to invite her to eat with his group.

“My exact thoughts were, ‘Dang, I’d hate to have to eat alone,'” Howard later wrote on his Facebook page.

“After thinking about it a minute I walked over to her and asked if I could sit with her.”


He discovered the elderly woman’s name was Eleanor and she had recently lost her husband. The pair would have been celebrating 60 years of marriage the following day.

“I instantly gave my condolences and asked her to come eat with us, which she was excited to do,” Howard said.

Eleanor happily joined Howard and his two friends, JaMychol Baker and Tae Knight for dinner.

Howard later shared the wholesome interaction on his Facebook page along with photos of the group.

So tonight JaMychol Baker Tae Knight and myself went out to eat at this place called Brads in Oxford, and after us…

Posted by Jamario Howard on Thursday, April 18, 2019

The now-viral post has received more than 87,000 likes

Howard said meeting Eleanor made a huge impact on him.

“The point in this is always be kind and be nice to people. You never know what they are going through. This woman changed my outlook on life and how I look at other people. Everyone has a story so do not judge,” he wrote.

He also urged readers to go see their loved ones.


Needless to say, people were in love with the story.

h/t: Distractify, KBTX

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