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8-Year-Old Boy Is Doing A Triathlon To Raise Money For The Homeless

It’s never too early to teach your kids how to be kind and the best way to do so is by leading by example. That being said, we can only assume that sweet 8-year-old Gabriel Wakefield has some pretty amazing parents.

Gabriel Wakefield isn’t your average 8-year-old. In May, he will be traveling 20 miles by cycling, hiking, and canoeing as part of a triathlon to raise money for the homeless in the UK.

Just Giving

The triathlon will be held during the UK’s May Bank holiday weekend. Gabriel will be cycling from his home on one end of the North York Moors national park to the middle of the North York Moors national park, then walking to the River Esk, and then canoeing to Whitby. Gabriel has started a fundraiser for followers to sponsor him during the triathlon on Just Giving.

Gabriel’s passion for helping the homeless was inspired by various projects he conducted in school.

“I think it is unfair that some people don’t have homes and some people do so I decided to do my own Yorkshire-style triathlon to raise money to help,” Gabriel said.

His mom, Melanie Challenger, says Gabriel knew about homeless people around the world but didn’t realize how many were close to home.

“He knew about refugees and homeless people around the world but he didn’t realise that there were homeless people in this country,” she said.

Just Giving

Gabriel discovered a variety of different challenges he could partake in to help raise money for the homeless and after deliberating with his family, came up with the idea for the triathlon.

“I would have never pushed him to do anything,” added Melanie “but it’s something that came straight from his heart. He’s a very kind-hearted lad and we feel very proud.”

To find out more about Gabriel’s amazing efforts or to support his triathlon go HERE.

h/t: Whitby Gazette

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