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Here’s The Good News You Missed This Weekend

Welcome to another Monday round-up of the good news you may have missed over the weekend. The beginning of the week can feel extremely daunting so why not kick things off with a little wholesome positivity?

This week’s collection of good news is extra special and we think it’ll make your day that much more enjoyable. So, without further ado, here’s your feel-good content for April 29th.

Alabama Teachers Donate 100 Sick Days To Father Caring For Daughter With Cancer

Teachers are known for going above and beyond to help their students, but their dedication doesn’t stop there. When a fellow teacher is in need of help, educators don’t hesitate to step in and do what they can.

Alabama history teacher David Green, whose 16-month-old daughter was recently diagnosed with cancer, ran out of designated sick days to take care of her and his colleagues came to the rescue.

David’s wife asked the community of teachers if they could donate a total of 40 sick days to allow David more time to be with his daughter, Kinsley. The response was overwhelming and 100 days were donated.

David is officially out of sick days at work. We want him to continue to be able to be with us at the hospital while…

Posted by Megan Saindon Green on Wednesday, March 20, 2019

“We were blown away with the response that we received with the sick days. We were hoping to get a couple days so he could be here once a week,” Megan Green, Kinsley’s mother, told CNN. “It is a huge blessing and we can’t wait until we are in the position to give back and help others.”

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This Teen Didn’t Have A Date For Prom, So Her Grandfather Went With Her Instead

California teen Kaylah Bell didn’t have a date in time for her high school prom. The 17-year-old decided she would ask her grandfather, Alvin Bell, to take photos with her before the big dance.

Bell surprised his granddaughter by showing up in a blue pinstripe suit matching her dress and holding a corsage for Kaylah to wear. The teen, who shares a special bond with her grandfather, says the night was special for him too because he had never been to prom himself.

“My friends thought it was so adorable because they know how much I love my grandfather and how close we are, so that was nice,” Kaylah said.

Kaylah hopes the photos inspire others to enjoy the time they have with their grandparents.

“[It] was just a true blessing and it was a very amazing experience because I’ll always remember this and this will be something that, you know, I can tell my grandchildren,” Kaylah added.

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19-Year-Old Girl Donates 65% Of Her Liver To Her Dad

Rakhi Dutta, of Kolkata, India is the daughter of Sudip Dutta who was recently diagnosed with hepatitis B. After more than 20 days spent in and out of hospitals, the father was discharged and brought to the Asian Institute of Gastroenterology (AIG) in Gachibowli, Hyderabad where his eldest daughter Ruby hoped she would be able to donate her liver.

Extensive testing, however, revealed that Ruby wasn’t a good candidate. Without hesitation, younger daughter Rakhi stepped up offering her liver up for donation. After 105 tests and a 15-hour procedure, the 19-year-old gave nearly two-thirds of her liver to her father.

Rakhi’s remarkably generous gift enabled her father to survive his disease and gave the pair a chance to enjoy life together again.

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That’s your roundup for this week, we hope your Monday is off to a great start!

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