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Incredible Kids

Afghan Boy Dancing With His New Prosthetic Leg Goes Viral And Lights Up The World

Its tough to find light in the darkest of times, but children are amazing at looking on the bright side of things. No one knows that better than a boy named Ahmad Sayed Rahman of Afghanistan and his family.

Ahmad was tragically crippled by a stray bullet during a firefight in his village when he was only eight months old. The injury forced him to rely on a series of uncomfortable prosthetic right legs in order to walk. Thanks to the orthopedists at a Red Cross center in Kabul, Rahmans got a new leg and hes also come down with dancing fever.

Rahman, now five-years-old, was so happy with his brand new prosthetic leg he decided to celebrate by busting out some dancing moves for the doctors and nurses.

The video of Rahman smiling and dancing to the Afghan song quickly went viral, along with their families story, and people were having trouble holding back tears.

And Ahmad is delighting in his newfound celebrity status. It is me, a smiling Ahmad said while watching a version of his viral dance skills. Alberto Cairo, the director of the orthopedic center that fitted Ahmad with his leg, is also glad his organization is getting some attention.

When you see a child with an artificial limb dancing, of course everybody watches it, Cairo told the Washington Post. I am very happy to know that this is going everywhere.

Ahmads mother Raesa is happy as well, and has high hopes for his future. I want him to go to school and become a doctor or a teacher, she told thePost. I am so happy, she said. He is a good kid.

Hes a great kid and we hope that whatever he does, he never stops dancing.

h/t: Washington Post

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Incredible Kids

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