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This ‘Eco Designer’ Turns Beach Trash Into Beautiful Wedding Dresses

Recycling is one of many ways we can come together to improve our planet. An eco-designer based in the UK is using recycled materials from ocean waste to create stunning wedding gowns and other eclectic fashion pieces. She hopes her work will show the world that beauty can be found in the most unexpected places.

Dr. Linda Thomas of Bristol, UK is an eco-fashion designer with a passion for upcycling.


After 20 years as a doctor, Linda now splits her time between healing and design.

Her brand Linda Thomas Eco Design specializes in using recycled materials to create beautiful, eclectic clothing.

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The Ghostnet Dress has another week at @edenprojectcornwall before its next adventure. Thank you for all the support with this project and if you have a big event where this could help to educate more people later in the year let me know. Particularly late summer onwards. Education to action and change. To all the #changemakers everywhere of all different backgrounds, I salute you. That includes this wonderful team that helped with the Ghostnet launch: @fmimages_ @fathomsfree @nat_bel007 @kittiekipper @clairswinscoestudiocouture @rebeccarosemua @boddsactiveswimwear #2minutebeachclean #cornwall #edenproject #ghostnet #ghostnetart #surfersagainstsewage #diversagainstdebris #take3forthesea #plasticpollution #plasticpollutes #passonplastic #upcycledfashion #ecofashion #ecofashiondesigner #litterati #wethechange #wearthechange #marineconservation #collaborationnotcompetition #togetherwecan #climateemergency #climatebreakdown #extinctionrebellion #moreplasticthanfish #anthropocene #artistsagainstplastics #splashtrash #econyl

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According to her official website, Linda’s creations are intended to be a “celebration of color, design, and originality.”

Each of Linda’s pieces is individually handcrafted, reworking materials like those found in ocean waste.

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All those things we’re campaigning for, keep campaigning for AND at the same time reach as high as the sky with what you do yourself in your own personal and business life. If you want the World to cut its carbon emissions, what are you doing to cut your emissions at home, at work, in your community? So inspired by the activism of @kittiekipper in how she tackles plastic exactly this way. If you are thinking about giving up flying then we’ve found the absolute best website for help to be Tap the photo for who helped me launch this wave of Waste dress made from 100 bodyboards dumped on just 3 Cornish Beaches in 2017 #ilovecornwall #trainnotplane #lovepeopleandplanet #stopflying #walkthetalk #ecowarrior #climateemergency #climatechange #extinctionrebellion #bethechange #ecodesign #ecodesigner #upcycledfashion #cutcarbonemissions #2minutebeachclean #climateaction #climateactivist #ecoactivist #ecoactivism #environmentalactivism #environmentalactivist #waveofwaste #bodyboards #polystyrene #oceanwaste #passonplastic #thereisnoplanetb #thetimetoactisnow

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“I make each piece individually by redesigning and reworking with beautiful materials such as cashmere, merino, silk, and linen. Hand felted features, such as collars, using merino wool and silk and finished with vintage or handmade buttons. All stitched with organic cotton,” Linda writes.

Sustainability and ethics are at the heart of every creation.

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We can make a difference. Calling all UK people: link on @2minutebeachclean to petition to ban balloon and lantern releases. We’re nearly half way to number then government has to consider it. Please sign and share the message. Thank you. We have the chance in this one action to save a lot of wildlife. Here are the wonderful @wildtribeheroes mother and daughter wearing 99 Dead Balloons. Photography @symagesphotography Thanks to @2minutebeachclean @dollyland @zedster57 @drdross_the_jambo @harperandthehound @nationaltrustranger @glittersocks16 @teri.browning @hen_ysgol @ceejaybythebeach @beachcaresw @keepbritaintidy #2minutebeachclean #balloonsblow #litterati #bethechange #99deadballoons #petition #upcycledclothing #balloons #balloonrelease #banballoonreleases #passonplastic #marineconservation

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Linda hopes that the future shows a world in which we are “awake and kind, healing our relationship with ourselves and the Planet with an increase in biodiversity and reforestation and an end to slavery.”

One of Linda’s most impressive transformations to date is this delicate handmade wedding gown created from a collection of ocean waste.

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From this to this. I want to honour all those beachcleaners and litterpickers who inspire me and start my creative journey. I literally couldn’t do it without you. It gives me so much joy when my dresses can go on and be part of educating like #enviromenstrual week with @wen_uk but there would be no dress without @cornish_tone This time last year I didn’t know Toni and it took the community that is the @2minutebeachclean sharing her post about the tangled Cornish Sea Monster for this particular crazy creative idea to be born. I honour you @cornish_tone I honour you @dollyland Thank you. #2minutebeachclean #planetorplastic #periodtalk #plasticfreeperiods #periodswithoutplastic #periodpoverty #periodpower #surfersagainstsewage #keepbritaintidy #take3forthesea

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The dress took four weeks to create and was made of 1.5 tons of marine waste which Linda says is likely from sanitary products.

“Menstrual products are one of the big single-use plastics that end up in the ocean but which we rarely talk about,” Linda told Daily Mail. “Women deserve to know what these are really made of and that they are polluting our seas, and what the alternatives are.”

Her creation was later worn by singer Jazmine Flowers at the Ocean Plastic Crisis Summit in London.

Linda’s hope is to show the world that it’s possible to have “beautiful garments that aren’t harmful to our planet.”

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Elements. Simple. Floating. Know we are all part of Nature. Love it. Be it. We are the change makers. Live it and celebrate it everyday. We can end this toxic relationship with our shared Planet any time. I’m reading a lot about the #anthropocene and #reforestation at the moment. Imagine if someone designed a tree now, we’d be crazy for it. Trees. Absorb Carbon Dioxide and pump out Oxygen, they talk to each other and each one uniquely beautiful and many bearing fruits and nuts. Stop the harming, start the healing. #treesarelife #treesaretheanswer #uniqueweddingdress #sustainableweddingdress #greenweddingdress #ecoweddingdress #sustainableliving #woodlandwedding #forestwedding #heywildweddings #ihavethisthingwithcolour #blueweddingdress #changemakers #greenwedding #climatebreakdown #extinctionrebellion #creativewedding #freespiritedbrides #altbride #alternativeweddingdress #offbeatbride #authenticlove #simpleweddingdress #woodlandphotoshoot #indieweddingdress #ecoweddingdress #ethicalweddingdress #sustainableluxury

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To learn more about Linda’s work, visit her website or official Facebook page.

h/t: Facebook, Twitter, Ethical Brand Directory

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