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Generous Woman Picks Up Restaurant Tab For Group Of 11 Prom-Goers

A group of high school prom-goers was surprised by the generosity of a kind stranger who went out of her way to make their evening memorable.

Last month, Therese De Leon and 10 of her friends from Clarksburg High School were eating dinner at a local restaurant before heading to prom.


As the group began looking over the menu, their server Antonio informed them that they were in for a special surprise.

A regular customer at the restaurant had generously offered to pay for the group’s meal.

“He told us that there was a lady that night who was a regular customer at TedÂ’s. She wasnÂ’t served by our server, Antonio, that night, but usually is.” Therese told FOX 5, “She asked him which tables he had that night but said we were his only table. She told him that we looked absolutely stunning and offered to pay for our dinner– anything we wanted.”

The high schoolers were sure their server was joking because there were multiple other prom groups at the same restaurant that evening.

When they realized the act of kindness wasn’t a prank, Therese and her friends were shocked.

After finishing their meal, the prom-goers asked their server to point out the generous woman who picked up their tab.

The teens went to her table and thanked her for her compassionate gesture.

“What we will never forget were the kind words she left with us. Before we left her table she reminded us to ‘always love ourselves’ and to remember that ‘we are beautiful inside and out,’” Therese said.

Therese later shared a photo they took with the kind stranger on Twitter.

She writes, “Never thought this would happen to me…we walk in late for our reservation and after we get our drinks and get seated, the waiter came back and told us this amazing lady said we all looked stunning and paid for our dinner…all 11 of us.”

And people loved the story.

Therese says the night inspired their group to pay it forward with their own good deeds.

“It was refreshing and enlightening to know that there are still kind-hearted people out there. All over Twitter my friends and I have read about people like this woman who are generous and are genuinely kind to regular people like us. We never would have thought we would be able to experience generosity of this scale.”

h/t: Good News Network, Twitter, FOX 5

Written by Emily Burns

Writer and editorial specialist based out of Austin, TX.