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Waving Granny Gets A Heartfelt Goodbye From Students She Greeted Every Day For Years

An elderly woman in Vancouver Island has waved to students walking by her home every single day for more than a decade. When the 88-year-old began preparing to move into an independent living facility, those same students bid her a heartfelt goodbye.

Tinney Davidson of Vancouver Island, British Columbia has waved to students every day from her window for years.


The greeting tradition began when Tinney and her husband moved into their home on Guthrie Road near Highland back in 2007 and students began waving back.

“I just like the look of the children and they all looked in-and I thought well, if they’re looking in I’ll wave to them. And that’s how it started,” Davidson said.

Dubbed “Waving Granny”, the 88-year-old woman became popular among the students who even held a Valentine’s Day assembly in her honor.


In fact, when the students discovered Tinney would be moving into an assisted living facility, they decided to give her a special send off.

400 students gathered on Tinney’s front lawn with flowers and signs to say goodbye to the woman who showed them so much kindness.


“I think I’ve connected very well with them (laughs). It’s been fun,” Tinney said.

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Written by Emily Burns

Writer and editorial specialist based out of Austin, TX.