93-Year-Old Woman Achieves Lifelong Dream Of Earning Her College Degree

Graduation season is in full swing and for one 93-year-old woman, this special occasion marks the achievement of a lifelong dream.

On Thursday, Joyce Lowenstein received her bachelor’s degree from Georgia State University at the age of 93.

Unlike her classmates, Joyce began her pursuit for a college education back in 1943 before taking a nearly 70-year-long hiatus.

In this time, she became a wife, mother, grandmother, and now a great-grandmother. Joyce also worked as an antique dealer and interior designer.

In 2012, Joyce felt compelled to return to her studies and finish what she started.

The now 93-year-old enrolled at Georgia State to pursue an art history degree.

Joyce completed her program in seven years, fighting some ailments and memory loss along the way.

I wanted to get my degree and it took time,” Joyce told AJC.

After the ceremony, Joyce says she was relieved to be finished with her assignments.

“It feels good. Very happy,” she said. “I don’t have to do any more essays.”

President of Georgia State University Mark Becker gave the persistent student a special shout out during the commencement ceremony and Joyce received a standing ovation as she received her diploma on stage.

The 93-year-old graduated with honors, achieving a GPA slightly above a 4.0.

According to Maria Gindhart, associate dean of the university’s College of the Arts and one of Joyce’s professors, she never gave up on her studies.

“She did the work and earned the grades,” Gindhart said. “She wrote well and was engaged.”

Joyce was surrounded by fellow students congratulating her accomplishments and snapping photos with the graduate.

Even her great-granddaughter was in attendance. 11-year-old Lara Lenderman says she’s very impressed with her great-grandmother.

“It’s kind of cool,” Lara said. “Now I get to tell everyone my great-grandmother graduated from college at 93 years old.”

h/t: AJC, Georgia State University


Written by Emily Burns

Writer and editorial specialist based out of Austin, TX.