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Artist Recycles Old Street Tires To Make Beautiful Animal Beds

They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. For a young Brazilian artist, this includes old street tires which he transforms into adorable animal beds.

This is Amarildo Silva, an innovative young artist from Brazil.


Silva has been looking for a way to make a little extra income off recycling the trash that people throw into the streets. Since he was young, the artist has enjoyed making handcrafted gifts from discarded materials.

He knew he could not only create something beautiful, but he could contribute to the well-being of his neighborhood and make a few extra dollars in the process.

Silva recently noticed that the old tires lining his neighborhood streets were being used as resting spots for stray animals, which inspired him to transform the “tire beds” into actual pet beds.


Silva began by collecting all of the old tires he found in the street. Then, he cut them down, washed them, and painted them in different colors.

Each bed has its own unique design complete with the name of the animal who it will belong to.


These are just a few of the recipients of his adorable designs.

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The artist says this project has given him the ability to combine his two biggest passions: helping animals and creating something new from something old.


He hopes his efforts will help contribute to a more sustainable world.

Check out more of Silva’s work on his official Instagram.

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Written by Emily Burns

Writer and editorial specialist based out of Austin, TX.