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Teen Crane Operator Rescues 14 People From A Burning Building In China

Heroes walk among us every day. In some cases, they are 19-year-old crane operators whose quick actions save the lives of fourteen people trapped inside a burning building.

Lan Junze was going about a typical workday at a construction site in northeastern China when he noticed a nearby residential building was on fire.


The seven-story building was quickly going up in smoke while a few residents remained trapped inside.

In a now viral video, Junze can be seen using his crane to successfully evacuate people from the upper floors.

One of the rescued residents was Dong Xiuyan who lived on the third story.

“I tried to go through the door twice, but I failed,” Dong told Chinese broadcaster CCTV. “I got very anxious. Then I thought we could get out from our window.”

Junze heard Dong’s screams and came to help.

“The flame was very, very close to them,” Junze said. “My first thought was to get the mother and son down.”

The teen was also able to save resident Mang Shengjun who lived on the floor above.

“If I didn’t have my mother or my wife with me, if I was alone, I would have jumped out for sure,” Mang told CCTV.

Junze then turned his attention to people on the fifth and sixth floors.

The 19-year-old managed to save the lives of 14 people in under 30 minutes.

Only one resident perished in the fire.

h/t: Yahoo News, Shanghaiist


Written by Emily Burns

Writer and editorial specialist based out of Austin, TX.