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This 9-Year-Old Girl’s Letter To An NBA Player Is Good Advice For Everyone

Everyone who has ever played a team sport knows how hard it is to lose when you’re so close to the finals. After the Philadelphia 76ers lost in Game 7 to the Toronto Raptors and got knocked out of the NBA finals, plenty of 76ers players and fans were hurt—including Joel Embiid, who shed a few tears on the court after the loss.

One fan was sitting at home watching the aftermath and decided to write Embiid a letter containing some important advice for dealing with loss. 9-year-old Olivia wrote a well-thought-out letter explaining that it’s “OK to lose sometimes” and adding that she was “still proud of him” and the rest of his teammates.

The letter was picked up by several reporters and shared on social media—including Christie Ileto of ABC.

Ileto even shared a video of Olivia reading the letter to Embiid.

People online were incredibly touched by this 9-year-olds empathy.

Here’s to hoping Embiid answers Olivia’s adorable letter.

h/t: Twitter

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