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Three Irish Tourists With No Phones Asked A Woman To Take Their Picture, Telling Her ‘We’ll Find It Someday.’ They Just Did.

If we can generalize briefly on the subject of national character: the Irish love a good lark.

So it was, perhaps, in a typically whimsical spirit that three Irish friends asked a woman named Christina to snap their photograph on a recent visit to New York City, despite not having phones for her to send it to or giving their names or other contact information.

According to Christina they simply said: “You’ll take the picture and we’ll find it someday.”

The woman posted the photo of the three amigos on Twitter on the off chance that one of her followers might know the men.

Lo and behold, thanks to the exponentially-magnifying powers of social media…

All three men were ID’d by the internet in less than a day.

One Twitter user identified the men as Sean Tighe, Bernie Waldron, and John Devanney of Ballyhaunis in County, Mayo, Ireland.

Luckily Ireland is a small country. Now try it with three guys visiting from India.

h/t: Good News Network

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