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These Passengers Were Surprised With A Train Full Of Beautiful Flowers And It Probably Smells Great Too

Travel never fails to be an exciting experience, but it’s made all the more wonderful when you’re surprised by a train full of beautiful flowers. At least, that’s what the passengers aboard this special edition Heathrow Express would probably tell you.

Travelers boarding their train in London on Tuesday were pleasantly surprised to find a gorgeous flower display lining their entire carriage.


The stunning display is intended to represent the fuchsia of travel.

More than 3,000 flowers decorated the 43-seat train, filling the air with the smell of spring.


The flora included purple and pink hydrangea, wisteria, and fresh sea lavender.

According to SWNS, the display was commissioned by Heathrow Express to celebrate the 2019 RHS Chealsea Flower Show, beginning May 21.


“The duration of our transfer service is just 15 minutes, so we wanted to make an instant impression on customers departing from and arriving in the UK,” said a spokesperson for Heathrow Express.

“The Chelsea Flower Show is one of the biggest events of the year but not everyone gets the chance to experience it, so we wanted to give travelers a little taster – and we’re delighted to say the reaction of customers has been blooming marvelous.”

The “flower express” display was created by Jamie Aston, a London-based florist.


“We’ve created all manner of flower displays but have never had the chance to create one on board a train,” Aston said.

A mix of real and artificial flowers were affixed to the ceilings and walls of the train using suction grips and hooks, while the flowers in the luggage racks were attached using foam.

The on-board flower show took an eight-person team four hours to install.

Roughly 18,000 passengers are expected to enjoy the display on their train ride Tuesday.


“We wanted to create something which would bring a smile to passengers’ faces and help them to unwind ahead or following their flight,” Aston said.

Check out more footage of the flower-filled train on Twitter and Instagram.

h/t: Good News Network

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