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Chance The Rapper Will Buy You Groceries For A Year If You Impress Him With Your Dance Moves

In case you hadn’t heard, Chance the Rapper is doing some major plugging for his official debut album (out in July). However, he’s also using the publicity to help out some of his devoted fans with a free year of groceries.

“GRoCERIES,” one of the singles from Chance’s upcoming album, was recently released on May 16.

Chance used the opportunity to make an unbelievable offer to his followers: he promised to buy a full year of groceries for the makers of the top 10 dance videos featuring “GRoCERIES.”

Obviously, the announcement prompted an influx of videos, ranging from cute to downright impressive — and the winners are already pouring in.

Taylor McBride, who made a video with her young son, was the first winner announced by Chance.

“I was just so excited I didn’t even tell anyone around me. I was with my sorority sisters. I texted my family right away ‘You guys, I’m about to cry, like this is so crazy,'” McBride told “I was just so ecstatic and just a bunch of gratitude. I was just overwhelmed with gratitude. Because God is just good.”

The second winner was Trevor Jordan, whose moves were super impressive.

Jordan told that he received the news about the video after a particularly rough day at work — which made winning that much sweeter.

“… The next day, I was going through it at work and was having a little bad day, I was in my feelings. And as soon as I got off work, I took a look at my phone and saw that he posted me and said I was the second winner.”

“I was so lost for words.”

Josh Dixon, who filmed the video with help from his family, is the most recent announced winner.

Chance supposedly has not yet reached out to the winners with the details of the contest conditions.

This isn’t the first time that Chance has been generous with his money, either. His non-profit, SocialWorks, has kickstarted multiple outreach and charity programs for kids in Chicago.

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