A Mail Woman Stopped To Cheer On A Random Dude Playing Basketball And It’s Wholesome As Hell

In this age of glorified hecklers, you don’t often see people cheering each other on anymore. I think that’s why this video resonates with so many people. Such a simple and kind act, yet so rare to witness.

Paul Stys was just minding his own business shooting hoops in his driveway when a kindhearted mail carrier rolled up on him and ask to “show her what he’s got.”

(sound on)

The world could use more people like her in it, now more than ever. Not only did that small moment turn Paul’s day around, but the tweet went viral and now it’s touching the hearts of thousands.

It got some people hyped.

The enthusiastic support of a black woman is well known to be a fantastic motivator.

Really this is just a great example of how easy it is to spread kindness, and how far that kindness can reach.

We could all use a hypeman every once in a while. The best way to make that happen is to be that hypeman for someone else. Pay kindness forward and it will keep coming back. Keep pumping good into this world and stop focusing on the negative, but if you’re ever having a particularly rough day just close your eyes and hear this voice in your head.

Written by Mike Primavera

Mike Primavera is a writer and comedian based in Los Angeles. He lives comfortably off of his family's pasta fortune.