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Entire Neighborhood Throws Surprise Retirement Party For Their Beloved Mailman

It’s the end of an era in this small Atlanta neighborhood. Beloved mailman Floyd Martin is retiring after nearly 35 years. To document his last day and the impact he made on the community, Jennifer Brett rode along with him on his route.

Floyd has been a mailman pretty much his entire adult life.

Despite the stress and physicality of the job, Floyd always has a positive attitude.

Floyd always goes the extra mile, which is just one of the reasons everyone loves him. (especially the dogs and cats)

The neighborhood kids are especially fond of him.

The Atlanta summers are pretty brutal, which contributed to the 61-year-old Floyd’s decision to retire.

It’s always hard to say goodbye, but this neighborhood went out of their way to make sure Mr. Floyd knows just how much he means to them.

Once Mr. Floyd finished his last shift the neighborhood threw a massive block party in his honor.

And even though he was the guest of honor, he still bent over backward for everyone else.

Mr. Floyd wants just this neighborhood’s mailman. He was an important part of the community and their lives.

Floyd mentioned he’d always wanted to go to Hawaii, and now retired, he is free to do so. The community created a GoFundMe to make his dream a reality. If this story touched your heart as much as it did mine, please throw a few bucks his way. After reading all of this I think we can all agree if anyone deserves a tropical island vacation, it’s Mr. Floyd.

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