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Emotional Video Shows Hospital Staff Honoring 18-Year-Old Before He Donated His Organs

Some people are heroes in life and some even manage to be heroes in death. Such was the case with 18 year old Michael “Mikie” Sigler of Las Vegas, Nevada.

After a tragic motorcycle accident left the young man on life support, just days before his high school graduation, he was honored before giving his life so that others may live via organ donation.

A video from Las Vegas Now shows an emotional and haunting scene as hospital staff formed a silent honor guard for Sigler as the patient was wheeled into his final surgery on a gurney.

(Warning: The video difficult to watch and includes footage of loved ones saying their final goodbyes to Sigler.)

According to the Review Journal due to his B blood type, Sigler’s organ donation was used to save up to 9 people.

Sigler’s mother, Courtney Kaplan, told News 3 Las Vegas that she forgives the driver of the car that collided with Sigler’s motorcycle, who was a fellow high school student, saying that “Sitting in a place of anger and hate would only make this tragedy worse.”

Sigler’s brother accepted his diploma on his behalf at graduation, while his father, Charles Sigler, told News 3 Las Vegas that his son’s selfless decision to be an organ donor would help inspire others to help those in need, saying: “If I’m able to get one person to give the same gift as Michael, then, you know, mission accomplished.”


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