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Watch This Heroic Man Risk His Life To Save A Drowning Deer From A Freezing River

A true hero doesn’t think twice before helping someone in need, even if that someone is actually a four-legged furry friend. Last week, a 27-year-old man from the UK risked his life to save a drowning deer and people are hailing is courageous actions.

Marc Headon and Jamie Toyne were driving home from work last week when they spotted something floating in a nearby canal.

When they pulled over to get a closer look, the pair discovered that there was a struggling deer in the water.

Marc Headon didn’t hesitate before stripping down to his underwear and leaping into the freezing canal to reach the deer.


Toyne remained on the riverbank, filming the entire rescue mission.

The 27-year-old fought through the strong current and swam up to the deer, grabbing it around the torso and gently pulling it back toward land.


Headon and Toyne hoisted the deer up onto the riverbank and wrapped it in Headon’s clothes for warmth.


According to BBC, Headon stayed in his underwear for 40 minutes to make sure the deer was warm enough.

Once the deer seemed strong enough, they sent him in for treatment and later released him back into the wild.

Footage of the rescue, taken by Toyne, was later posted online.

Man Saves Baby Deer from Drowning

This baby deer was seconds away from drowning… ????????

Posted by It's Gone Viral on Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Since sharing, the video has been viewed more than 190,000 times.

And thousands of people have hailed the two men as heroes.

h/t: BBC, Good News Network

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