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Newsroom Throws Retirement Party For Beloved Guide Dog Named Reva

Look at this very good girl. This is Reva, an 11-year-old black Lab who is retiring from her job as guide dog.

Her owner, Canadian Press reporter Michelle McQuigge, has spent 10 years with Reva by her side.

In honor of her retirement, McQuigge and her co-workers threw Reva a special party to see her off. There was cake for the humans and doggie cupcakes for Reva.

Speaking to As It Happensguest host Gillian Findlay, McQuigge explained that Reva’s job as her guide dog involved helping her navigate the streets and get around obstacles.

“Because of her, I can walk in a much more comfortable, faster pace and not feel like I’m being hemmed in by the crowds.”

As for why Reva’s being retired now, McQuigge said, “She’s still in good health. She can still go at a pretty good clip. But her pace has slowed down some. Her energy level isn’t quite as high as it used to be. And I figured it was time to spare her from another summer of hot, crowded streets and the joys of our local transit system.”

McQuigge told Findlay that she was “very emotional.”

“This is a very exhausting process in a whole variety of ways, as the process of detaching from a guide dog who’s been with me virtually 24 hours a day for almost a decade is not something that I’m finding terribly easy.”

She continued, “At the same time, though, she deserves a really good retirement. She’s been an incredible guide dog, and she’s in her twilight years and she’s still healthy enough to enjoy them. So I owe it to her to let her go and do exactly that.”

So what’s next for Reva? She’s going to live with family members of McQuigge’s who have “lovely rural property.” No gold watch for Reva because dogs don’t typically wear watches.

And now it’s time for McQuigge to get a new guide dog, who she stressed was going to be “a successor, though never a replacement.”

Three cheers for the newroom’s goodest girl Reva!

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