Will Smith Stays In Character For Young Girls Who Think He’s Really A Genie At ‘Aladdin’ Premiere

Disney’s live-action remake of Aladdin is now in theaters, and Will Smith is definitely making a splash with his portrayal of the blue wish-granter himself, the Genie. Best of all? Smith is keeping the magic going offscreen, as well, when it comes to his fan interactions.

Facebook user Katie Stauffer recently uploaded a video of her 4-year-old twin daughters, Emma and Mila, meeting Smith at the Aladdin premiere. And while Smith could have totally brushed off interacting with his smaller fans, the actor actually took the time to engage with the girls and even went so far as to stay in character and pretend that he really WAS the Genie.

Mila and Emma earnestly asked Smith to do some magic (because, you know, he’s THE GENIE). And, in keeping with the true spirit of his character, Smith responded by telling the girls, “When I’m in public, I can’t use my magic ’cause people can’t know I’m a genie. So I have to pretend like I’m a regular person when I’m in public because sometimes people get scared of genies.”

The little girls seemed to accept this (pretty dang solid) explanation, and went on to ask, “Where are your friends?”

Smith responded by inviting the girls to walk on the red carpet (or in this case, technically purple carpet) and meet Naomi Scott, AKA Princess Jasmine herself.

Will Smith is the freaking coolest!!

Posted by Kcstauffer on Friday, May 24, 2019

Disney dreams: totally come true.

“He was pretty freakin’ cool!!” Stauffer wrote about the experience. “Clearly I was excited… I couldn’t even film correctly.”

Facebook agrees — since Stauffer uploaded the clip, the video has garnered over 60 million views.



Written by Lindsey Robertson