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Entire School Learns Sign Language So First Deaf Classmate Feels Welcome

There are random acts of kindness and then there are very intentional ones. This heartwarming story falls firmly into the second category.

In a beautiful gesture, a Maine school decided to welcome its first deaf student by teaching the entire school sign language.

According to Eyewitness News WTVO, 6-year-old Morey Belanger is the first deaf student to ever attend the Dayton Consolidated School in Dayton, Maine and the school made special preparations for her arrival, including putting up posters to teach her fellow students common signs in American Sign Language (ASL) and installing a hearing assistive system.

According to a teacher interviewed by the news station, Belanger’s fellow students have taken to the new instruction like ducks to water and have learned “a last 15 signs, if not 20.”

To celebrate their new student’s arrival the school also hired a sign language specialist who dressed as Disney’s Cinderella to sing for the students while leading them in signing.

It looks like they had a pretty good time and they’re some very kind and welcoming kids, which goes for the school that orchestrated this inspired idea as well.

If you’re tearing up a bit, you’re not the only one.

It’s never too late to learn sign language, and it’s never too early either.

h/t: CNN


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