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97-Year-Old Great-Grandma Named Prom Queen 80 Years After Missing Her Own

Second chances don’t come around very often in life, so when they do you have to make them count.

Eighty years ago Helen Dannis of Rhode Island missed her senior prom despite desperately wanting to attend. It was 1939 and times were tight. According to theWashington Post Dannis’s family couldn’t afford to buy her a dress or shoes so she missed the event:

“My father lost his job at the mill and my stepmother’s salary from working at a department store was all the income we had. So I missed the dance and stayed home.”

But now, at her granddaughter’s invitation, Dannis got the chance to attend a prom, and was even crowned Prom Queen, all at 97 years young.

Dannis’s granddaughter Julie Huddon came up with the idea and invited her grandmother with a “promposal” in the form of a paper heart that read “Grammie, Will you be my Prom Queen and go to Senior Prom with me?”

Huddon was no longer a high schooler either but the principal of a local school happily agreed to help the two women make Helen’s prom dreams a reality.

Helen and her dance partner clearly have some moves.

A lot of things in the world are bad but dare we say that this is…good?

h/t: The Washington Post, NBC10

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