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‘Greatest Day Of My Life’—WWII Veteran Reunited With His Lost Love In France After 75 Years

K.T. Robbins is a World War II veteran with plenty of memories and, until now, some unfinished business in Europe.

The now former soldier was part of a company of bakers that supplied the army with food during the war and was deployed in France. It was in that capacity that Robbins met an 18-year-old French woman, named Jeannine Ganaye, who asked if she could have any leftovers one day as he was unloading cans of lard from a truck.

Recalling the encounter a beaming Robbins told WREG:

“I said ‘Great you can have em all.’ We didn’t have a place to put em.”

Over the next few months, Robbins got to know Ganaye better and eventually began a courtship. However, soon Robbins was shipped out back to the U.S.  and eventually both lovers got married and moved on with their lives. The clichés about first loves exist for a reason, however, and Robbins never forgot the French girl he’d be so taken with 75 years ago.

While he had a happy 70-year marriage in the U.S., Robbins told WREG that “this other thing was still in my heart.” To help him a group called Forever Young Veterans arranged for Robbins to return to France for the 75th anniversary of D-Day and for a reunion with his old flame.

Reunited, Robbins and Ganaye spent two hours catching up with Robbins calling it “the greatest day of my life.”

He told WREG that he has invited Ganaye to visit him in Mississippi.

h/t: WREG

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