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This Non-Verbal High School Student Just Made History By Giving A Graduation Speech Using Voice Tech

Commencement speeches are meant to be unique and inspiring, but one high school student has just gone above and beyond when it comes to giving a motivating graduation address.

Ahmed Ali, a 21-year-old who has attended the Transitions Plus Program in the Minneapolis Public School System for the past three years, was recently asked by his school to give the commencement address at graduation using speech software he created with a speech pathologist during his time in the program. (The Transitions Plus Program endeavors to help students with special needs transition more seamlessly into the world outside of school.)

Ali’s rousing speech was apparently a historical first for the district and an immensely powerful historical first, at that.

“Your life is a relay race,” Ali told his classmates in the speech. “The track is your life. Every time you achieve something you pass the baton to the next person. Guess who you are passing the baton to? It’s you.”

“Each stage of your life, you are passing it to a new you. It’s not the end of the line for you, but it’s a new you in our beautiful world.”

You can watch the entirety of Ali’s speech below:

Written by Lindsey Robertson