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Girl Overcomes Her Fear Of IV Bags By Inventing A Teddy Bear IV Cover To Help Other Sick Kids

Ella Casano is 12 years old and already an inventor and a philanthropist.

Having spent a lot of time in hospitals Casano recognized a problem: she was afraid of the IV bags that often hang by a patient’s bed dispensing medicine or painkillers.

But instead of simply remaining afraid she decided to take action, inventing a teddy bear pouch that can slip over the IV bag, concealing it from the patient’s view while leaving the bag visible and accessible to doctors from the back.

That’s how the “Medi Teddy” was born.

meddi teddy

The simple solution immediately makes the experience of having an IV less clinical and much more cozy. You’re not so much on a drip as you are hanging out with a bear.

According to Komo News the product is being run as a non-profit with a goal of distributing the bears to sick kids. It even has its own website that explains the product and Ella’s story. Casano helped fund her invention by setting up a GoFundMe that has already outstripped its $5,000 goal and raised over $14,000 for the project.

In a post on Instagram Ella described how afraid she used to feel of medical equipment and expressed a desire to help other kids feel comfortable with her invention.

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