‘I Dont Deserve This’ Jon Stewart’s Emotional Reaction To Receiving His Late Firefighter Friend’s Coat Might Make You Cry Too

Jon Stewart has been in the news a lot this week for lending his voice to a good cause.

Speaking to lawmakers in Washington, D.C. the former Daily Show host and comedian gave a passionate speech in support of 9/11 first responders and tore into Congress for not passing a bill to fund the 9/11 Victim Fund which helps first responders with the medical costs associated with their service on 9/11.

One day after his speech resulted in a standing ovation and widespread media coverage Congress quickly moved to pass that bill out of committee and move it towards a full vote.

Now a video has emerged of Stewart being honored by the 9/11 responders for his help in what appear to be the halls of Congress before his speech. In a touching impromptu ceremony the firefighters presented him with the bunker coat of the late Ray Pfeifer, an FDNY firefighter, who Stewart knew and whose eulogy he delivered in 2017 after he died from a 9/11 related illness.

The coat was signed by other first responders who thanked Stewart for lending his voice to their cause.

A visibly emotional Stewart accepted the coat, saying: “I don’t deserve this but I will treasure it like I treasured Ray and our friendship and all of you. We’re gonna do it today, not just for Ray, but all you guys and all the people he was fighting for. This is beautiful. Thank you.”
While the bill still faces hurdles before it becomes law, the impact of Stewart’s speech on moving it forward is undeniable and he deserves thanks for speaking out to help those who helped so many.
h/t: Gothamist


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