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This Video Of A Stepdad Finding Out His Stepdaughters Are Taking His Name Will Give You All The Feels

Sunday was Father’s Day and the moving tributes people have posted to the fathers and father figures in their lives are still pouring in.

A particularly moving example came when a Twitter user named Jia Lauren posted a video of the moment her stepfather was surprised with the news that his stepdaughters were taking his last name to honor him for always being there for them.

In text she posted with the video she wrote:

“My biological dad was a drug addict and physically abusive to my mother. 12 years ago, my stepdad brought the light into our world again. Heís always loved me and my sister as his own. And so we decided to change our last name this Fatherís Day. I love you Dad.”

As he reads the card in which the girls thank him “for providing for us and our mother through thick and thin” he can’t stop smiling, exclaiming “WHAT!” when he realizes that his daughters are officially changing their names to take his.

Then, as you might expect, everyone breaks down crying.

It was a moment that a lot of people could relate to, whether they come from blended families themselves or are just human beings with beating hearts.

Some even had their own stories to share.

OK now no more crying until Grandparents Day.

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