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Couple Wins A Shopping Spree and Donates Everything To A Local Food Bank

The concept of a shopping spree is pretty straightforward: The lucky contestants get a limited time to race through a supermarket with a shopping cart stuffing it with as many products and food items as they can before the timer runs out. Frozen turkeys and hunks of cheese go flying and they keep what they grab.

When most people think of entering such a contest it’s usually for their own gain the chance to snap up a haul of items that they normally couldn’t afford to buy, at least not all at once.

But when Chantal Laroux and Ryan Warren of Alberta, Canada got the opportunity they found a unique and inspiring way to turn that exercise in high-speed capitalism into an act of community generosity by donating all the food they grabbed over $500 worth to a local food pantry.

According to CBC News Laroux works in social services and was well-acquainted with the important work that food pantries do. The couple had a clear plan and executed it well.

“We came in with a plan,” said Warren, according to CBC News. “Because we’re donating it all to the food bank we knew it had to be non-perishable.”

In the 50 seconds they were allotted, Warren raced down the aisles tossing in items that those struggling often need the most, everything from diapers to coffee and canned food. Though the contest capped the value of the haul at $500, when Warren managed to grab $598 the sponsors agreed to pay for it.

The two didn’t stop there, however, they also got local companies to agree to chip in $1,500 of additional support to go along with the food and presented the Calgary Food Bank with a check for the amount.

Avaleen Streeton of the Calgary Food Bank said the couple’s donation would go a long way, calling it “incredibly generous.”


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