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This Soldier Told His Mom He Wouldn’t Be Able To Make It To Her Wedding Then Surprised Her Anyway

Earlier this year a soldier serving in the U.S. Army named Zaykeese found out his basic training schedule would keep him from his mother’s wedding day earlier this year. The thought of not being there for his mom, who raised Zaykeese and his brother as a single mother, was devastating. His mom wasn’t too happy about it either.

“When my mother found out that I was not going to be able to make it to her wedding, she was devastated,” he said in a (now-viral) video that first surfaced on the page Military Kind.

Still, Zaykeese’s mother was understanding of her son’s sacrifice and desire to serve his country, but Zaykeese wanted to be there for her so he wrote a lengthy letter to his commanding officers. Blessedly, they granted his request.

“They just loved the letter,” Zaykeese said. “It was very heartfelt, and they said, ‘OK, we don’t usually offer special leave for things like this, but since this means so much to you, we’re going to be able to do something for you.’”

With the help of his family, Zaykeese surprised his mom at her wedding after not seeing her for six months and her reaction almost makes their time apart worthwhile.

h/t: Military Kind

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