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This New York City Subway Car Spontaneously Singing Backstreet Boys Together Is Too Pure

New York City has a reputation for being a tough, even rude place, but nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, NYC is home to a vibrant, diverse population that looks out for each other and loves to have fun. It’s more like an extended family of 9 million people than a roiling cauldron of simmering incivility. Are there scuffles and arguments? Sure. But there are just as many happy moments with strangers. This is one of those moments.

Recently on a New York City subway, a passenger got on pumping the Backstreet Boys’ classic hit “I Want It That Way.” It’s such a catchy tune the weary passengers couldn’t help but join in and belt it out—together.

Civil Rights attorney and former Obama official Joel Wertheimer couldn’t help but share the touching moment on Twitter. “Had a really tough week and tonight I was the subway and some guy walks between train cars, shirtless, bumping a speaker. I wasn’t in the mood for Showtime particularly,” he wrote, referencing the famous Showtime subway dancers. “But sometimes people and life surprise you and a little magic happens.”

The spontaneous event was reminiscent of another recent NYC subway sing-along when Robyn concert-goers held an impromptu dance party on a subway platform after the event.

And that’s New York City at play, if you want to see how they come together to work, check out this viral video of subway passengers helping a man transport a giant girder (it’s unclear why this was happening, but hopefully he got it to where it was going).

In conclusion, I love New York and so should you.

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