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Stepdaughter Brings Stepdad To Tears By Surprising Him With All The Notes He’s Written Her Over The Years

Father’s Day may have come and gone but we’re still being treated to examples of love and gratitude as people post their tributes to the fathers and father figures in their lives online.

Sometimes that father figure is a stepdad who stepped in and stepped up for a child in their formative years.

One such example was posted by Sophia Kallie, who shared a video of her surprising her stepfather with a special gift.
As Kallie explained on Twitter, her stepfather had always left her encouraging notes over the years and, unbeknownst to him she saved them all, presenting him with 6 years of messages set in a frame.

“During middle school, my stepdad used to leave me a note on my door each day to inspire me. well, I kept those notes & Its been 6 years since then. today I gave him those notes back #HappyFathersDay”

Her stepfather seems surprised at first as he unveils the large collection of notes and a photo of himself with his stepdaughter but it slowly dawns on him and he gets emotional as he realizes the size of the gesture and as his daughter says of the notes, “I kept them all.”

Those who watched the video online were touched too.

Others wanted to know more about the dog that comes over to comfort Sophia’s father in the video, licking his knee when he tears up.


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