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Kid Leaves Sweet Note For Lesbian Couple Thanking Them For The Courage To Come Out

lesbian couple anonymous note

Sometimes you don’t know who you’re helping just by proudly being yourself and setting an example. A Texas woman and her partner received a surprise message of thanks recently that proves as much.

When Sal Stow, of Williamson County, went out onto her partner Meghan Stabler’s porch to collect the mail recently she found something unexpected – a note under a rock from a young person in their neighborhood.

The anonymous kid thanked them for flying the Pride flag, saying their example had “given me the courage to come out to my family and be more comfortable with who I am.”

The note also included a well-done drawing of a person holding the Transgender Pride flag and the Pansexual Pride flag.

It was a  heartfelt gesture and Sal Stow wrote her best wishes to the child on Facebook, saying: “I hope this person is ok, their family is being supportive and they find a community to connect with that can help them through this brave process.” She also went on to explain that she lives in a conservative area and emphasized the importance of visibility, saying:

“This is why visibility is SO important. You never know who needs the support and to know it’s ok.”

Meghan Stabler also shared the note to Twitter, where she received hundreds of comments from people praising her and her partner for being such an inspiration.


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