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First Responders Pool Their Money To Get Homeless Disabled Woman A Hotel Room

Sometimes when the system fails to help someone it’s left up to individuals to step in.

First responders from the Broward County Sheriff’s Office in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida faced just such a challenge recently when they received a distress call from a woman who was stranded in the rain at 2 AM with nowhere to go. The woman, who had some 10 boxes of belongings with her on the sidewalk, told them that she’d lost her home after her mother, whom she’d been caring for full time, passed away and had been staying in hotels. Now she was out of money and had her dog in tow, while also suffering pain from a disability.

After hearing the woman’s story the firefighters from Fire Station 37  tried to get her a room via an aid organization but were unable to do so since it was the middle of the night. The fact that the woman had a dog mad her ineligible to stay in a shelter.

It was a difficult situation. As one of the responders, Daniel Roderiguez , told Yahoo Lifestyle:

“It was raining, it was the middle of the night, the area was not great in terms of crime and the dog was older and sick,” says Rodriguez.

So the three firefighters showed compassion and took matters into their own hands, getting the woman and her dog a hotel room for the night and paying for it themselves.

As Rodriguez told Yahoo Lifestyle:

“We’ve never felt like this — all 3 of us unanimously felt compassion for this lady,” says Rodriguez. “She was very appreciative, she cried with us, she talked with us about personal things. It wasn’t just assistance, she also needed someone to talk to.”

The woman said her brother was coming to help her get organized the next day but by showing compassion to someone in need in their darkest hour the first responders may have made all the difference.

h/t: Good News Network

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