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Kid Makes Rescue Dogs Bow Ties To Help Them Get Adopted

It’s tough out there and when you’re a rescue dog looking to get adopted it’s important to look your best.

It’s kind of like a job interview only you’re interviewing for the position of walk-taker and ear scratch-receiver.

With this in mind, a big-hearted 12-year-old genius named Darius Brown has come up with a unique way to help shelter animals get noticed: He makes them bow ties, instantly making them 100% snazzier and more adoptable.

I mean just look at these heartbreakers.

It’s not only dogs, cats are getting love too.

At 12 years old Brown is much more organized and accomplished than most adults. His Instagram page for the charity “Beaux And Paws” describes him as a “12 yr. old CEO” and has over 43,000 followers.

He’s been making bow ties since he was 8 years old and was inspired to donate them to animal shelters when he learned how many animals are displaced and often euthanized in the wake of environmental disasters such as hurricanes.

According to a GoFundMe for his work that has raised $3,000 of its $7,500 goal Darius haseven received a personal commendation from former President Barack Obama for his selfless acts of generosity towards animals.

In addition to his acts of kindness this impressive young man may even do the impossible and make bow ties cool again.

h/t: Bored Panda


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