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Dad With Dementia Beautifully Plays Song On Piano He Thought Hed Forgotten In Viral Video

Anyone who has a parent or relative battling dementia knows what a thief the disease is, robbing those afflicted of both their capabilities and most cherished memories.

Music, however, has been shown to have a unique power to cut through the fog, taking people back to the things they knew.

Nick Harvey, a composer from Sussex, England, recently shared an experience with his father that was a perfect example of music’s ability to transport those facing the challenges of memory loss.

On a recent visit his father was sitting at the piano when Harvey encouraged him to play one of his own compositions. He appears unsure if he can remember it at first, but after a good-natured push from his son he begins playing his piece “Where’s The Sunshine?” flawlessly.

It’s a bit difficult to hear but it sounds like he says “Brings up memories” as he finishes the piece.

It was an emotional scene and it resonated strongly with people.

The moment struck a chord with those who watched it and Harvey’s dad is having a sudden flush of musical fame as a result.

In fact the song has made such a stir that it’s even set to be recorded and sold to benefit the Alzheimer’s Society.


Written by Stefan

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