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Adorable 93-Year-Old Woman Gets Arrested On Purpose To Knock It Off Her Bucket List

Josie was tired of being good.

A British woman thanked her local police department recently when they made her 93-year-old grandmother Josie’s dreams come true…by arresting her.

As Pam Smith explained on Twitter Gran Josie is 93 and “she wanted to be arrested or something before it’s too late.”

The Greater Manchester Police obliged, staging a photo opportunity in which they handcuffed the senior and brought her to what looks like an interrogation room.

Smith says her grandmother has “a heart of gold” and told the Guardian that Josie had “been good all her life” saying:

She is quite poorly and wanted to do something like this while she still has the strength to enjoy it. She’s been good all her life (she says….) and wanted to have an experience to remember! She’s a star.”

Some people found the desire to be mock-incarcerated quite odd while others thought it was all in good fun.

It appears a good time was had by all and Smith tweeted that her grandmother is “still talking about it and excited about” her brush with the law.


Written by Stefan

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