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Harrowing Video Shows Police Rescuing Newborn Abandoned In Plastic Bag

A newborn was found after being abandoned in a plastic bag in the woods and there’s video of the dramatic and lucky rescue.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution the newborn was found in a wooded area near a rural road in Cumming, Georgia by a family who had just returned home around 10 PM and was unpacking their car.

Alan Ragetz, a nearby homeowner, discovered the child when his family heard cries and his daughters urged him to investigate the sound. Instead of the wild animal that he expected they found the newborn wrapped in a plastic bag in a pile of leaves.

Ragetz told the Journal-Constitution the child appeared to be only hours old and said:

“We went down, pulled it up, there was a poor little baby wrapped in a plastic bag,” he said. “She was alive, she was crying, so we figured that was a good sign.”

A bodycam video released by the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Department shows the scene when paramedics arrived to treat the newborn who was crying but appeared healthy.

A group of first responders gently remove the girl, who appears to still have her umbilical cord attached, from the plastic bag and swaddle her in blankets while calling her a “sweetheart.”

The child’s parents have not been identified so hospital workers have named the girl “India.” Police are seeking any information people may have to confirm the child’s identity and are accepting anonymous tips.

You can watch video of the dramatic rescue below.

h/t: USA Today


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