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Struggling Mom Asked For A 69 Cent Donation To Pay Electric Bill And The Response Was Overwhelming

You know there’s something wrong with the world when people have to resort to crowdfunding to pay for their basic necessities and medical bills.

While stories are sadly quite common these days of people taking to GoFundMe and other donation sites to pay for their healthcare sometimes it’s a much simpler need that drives people to ask for help.

Such was the case for a single mom in South Africa who asked for the most modest of donations – just 69 cents to pay her electric bill and keep the lights on. As she told the Daily Sun: “At that point I was desperate. There was nothing, I wanted to cook some porridge for my baby who was desperately hungry.”

According to People, Thabisa Xhelithole made her modest plea for the South African equivalent of $0.69 on Twitter and it has since gone viral.

She also included a photo of her electric meter which reads 0.00.

The response from those touched by her simple request was swift and Thabisa posted a second photo of her meter along with her sincerest thanks.

In fact she reported that she was overwhelmed by the response and now had enough electricity for two months. As she put it “People have heart.”

The donations didn’t stop, however, and money for Thabisa’s meter kept pouring in.

Sometimes people can be pretty good to each other after all.

h/t: People

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