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This Grandpas Adorable Reaction To Surprise Lady Gaga Tickets Went Viral And Now He Gets To Meet Her

This is Whitney (@boybehindbricks) with her grandfather Jim. According to Metro, Jim promised Whitney he would take her To Las Vegas when she turned 21.

Jim also happens to be a huge Lady Gaga fan, so his family decided to surprise him with tickets to her new Vegas show. Just look how happy he is!

Gaga!?” an incredulous Jim says in the video. “Oh my gosh!”


“He doesn’t care about literally any mainstream, current pop artists other than Lady Gaga,” Whitney told Metro. “And his face pretty much says it all. I know it’s all technically for my birthday, but I’m just excited that he gets to see her in concert, he’s always wanted to.”

Whitney’s video of her Grandpa Jim’s wholesome Gaga freakout went viral in a snap, and it seems Lady Gaga’s team took notice. She’s flying him out early and giving him the VIP treatment complete with a meet-and-greet.

Whitney is obviously pretty excited too, and we can’t wait for more updates on their trip to Vegas.

Way to go, Grandpa Monster!



h/t: Metro

Masha Fante

Written by Masha Fante