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Bikers Roar To The Rescue With 30,000 Meals Donated To Refugees

In Las Cruces, New Mexico recently, roughly 25 motorcyclists showed up at a processing facility without warning. According to USA Today, the bikers were there to help unload truckloads of instant meal packages from an Indiana charity organization called Pack Away Hunger. The meals—which can be heated and prepped with hot water, similar to MREs—are destined to feed migrant refugee families in the Las Cruces area.

The bikers worked alongside migrants to haul the boxes of meals off the trucks and into the processing facility. According to Las Cruces Sun News, so many volunteers showed up it took only minutes to unload all 30,000 meals.

City Of Las Cruces

Victoria Fisk, a teacher from the area, orchestrated the donation with help from a friend who works for Pack Away Hunger. Fisk told the Las Cruces Sun News the operation came together quickly.

“This went so fast,” she said. “We literally put it together a week ago.”

The refugees are fleeing gang violence in their home countries of Guatemala, Honduras, and elsewhere, and have come to the United States to seek asylum.

For Fisk, the gesture was personal as well as practical. “I was a single mom that struggled for many many years,” she said, “and something I always taught my students is that it’s so rewarding to give back.”

h/t: USA Today, Las Cruces Sun News

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