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Little Boy’s Reaction To Getting A Prosthetic Eye After Surviving Cancer Is Making People Smile

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Retinoblastoma is a particularly cruel form of cancer. It’s a cancer of the eye caused by a rare genetic mutation that primarily affects young children. One Twitter user shared his family member’s story of surviving the disease, and his joy at getting a chance at a typical childhood with the help of a prosthetic eye.

Twitter user @VonDizzle_ shared a video of his young cousin—a retinoblastoma survivor—being fitted with a prosthetic eye in Pensacola, Florida. At first the boy squirms (let’s face it, having someone’s thumb in your eye is uncomfortable), but his reaction makes the whole ordeal worth it.

“Last year my 5 year old little cousin was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma,” he wrote, “Which resulted in him losing his right eye. Although he won the fight, the thought of having one eye still bothered him at times. And today this happened.”

“I wanna see, mommy,” the boy said after the procedure was complete.

@VonDizzle_’s cousin appeared shocked at seeing two eyes looking back at him from the hand mirror his mom gave him.

And the boy seemed pretty happy with the result, smiling and letting out a heart-melting little giggle.

People on Twitter were touched by the short video and the little boy’s resilience in the face of such an unforgiving disease.

Some people shared their own experience with prosthetic eyes, and the difference something so seemingly small made in their lives:

With the discomfort mostly over, we hope the healing can begin for this little boy and his family.

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