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Christmas In July: Terminally Ill Woman Requests Holiday Cards In Case She Doesn’t Make It To Christmas

christmas in july

One Canadian woman is celebrating Christmas early this year for a very special reason.

92-year-old Theresa Power is in the last stages of her life. She’s in palliative care for a terminal disease and her son, Henry, is preparing to say goodbye.

But before he does, he has one request for the public: Send his mom some Christmas cards.

Theresa Power holding Christmas cards
Courtesy Henry Power

Theresa was first in the news in 2014 when she was inundated with Christmas cards from strangers.

That year, Theresa was worried about the number of Christmas cards she’d be able to reciprocate. According to CBC, she told Henry, “I hope I don’t get too many more Christmas cards because I don’t want to have to buy another book of stamps.”

Henry responded by making a Facebook post asking everyone he knows to send his mom Christmas cards just “to mess with her.” The cards came in by the bag-load, and Theresa was pretty happy about it. The tradition continued each year since then.

Theresa Power Christmas cards
Courtesy Henry Power

Five years later, Theresa has moved into the final stages of her life.

Henry told CBC:

In her words, she’s lived an amazing life. At 92 years old, she said, ‘Something was going to get me sooner or later. She’s a very positive person and all she wants is for everybody in her life to be happy for her.

Henry does have one request for the end of Theresa’s life: Send her Christmas cards.

Theresa Power
Henry Power on Facebook

Henry posted on Facebook about his mother’s illness and her love for Christmas cards.

CHRISTMAS CARD LADY: So guys it is with mixed emotions I write this post. My mom AKA The Christmas card lady at the...

Posted by Henry Power on Sunday, June 30, 2019

Henry wrote:

“There is a pretty good chance that she will not be here this Christmas. She was born before Facebook and email, and has had an amazing love affair with her Christmas card arrivals. So as a way to help her pass thetime and an amazing distraction from her critical situation please feel free to send her a best wishes card.”

According to Henry’s Facebook, Theresa has received over 550 cards from well-wishers, and it’s making this time so much easier for her and her family. He wrote:

“From hand made cards, to a child’s wish for her to live another week, to card that has a few simple words but describe mom to a T. To a young lady who has dedicated her next special Olympic’s to my mom, to my friends who had the pleasure of partying with my mom and watching her dance them under the table. To the verse on a card that we should try and live our life by.”

So mom is sleeping most of day now. Our time is spent reading her cards to her even as she is asleep. Sometimes I read...

Posted by Henry Power on Thursday, July 11, 2019

Theresa Power card
Henry Power on Facebook
christmas card lady
Henry Power on Facebook

If you’d like to send Theresa a card, you can send it to:

Theresa Power
14 Ashlen Crescent
A1L 3G1

Sarah Halle Corey

Written by Sarah Halle Corey