Video Of Young People Inviting LGBT+ Seniors To Their First Pride Has Everyone Crying

Senior trans woman getting a kiss from a young woman at Dublin Pride

In perhaps what is the most beautiful commercial for a bus company ever, an ad showing young Irish adults inviting LGBT+ seniors who had never been to a Pride event to Dublin Pride has gone viral and the tears are flowing. The ad for Dublin Bus starts with a few seniors telling their heartbreaking stories of homophobia and feeling that something was wrong with them in their youth and admitting that they had never attended Pride.

“I was in hospital,” says one elderly gay man. “I just said to the doctor I couldn’t live without affection. And he said to me, ‘what right have you to affection?'”

Next, a lesbian woman speaks about her Catholic confirmation ceremony and hating having to wear a dress for it.

“I knew then that ‘definitely there is something wrong with you,'” she recalls saying to herself. “‘Something mentally or physically wrong with you.'”

Sad elderly gay man remembering past homophobia

If that doesn’t make you cry, the next part will.

The video cuts to young people walking down the street and up to the seniors’ houses with voiceovers explaining that they’re going to invite them to Pride “on a big Pride bus.”

“They’re the ones who fought for our right to be who we are,” says one young woman.

Gay young man asking senior trans woman to Dublin Pride

All the seniors asked, including the gay man, the lesbian woman, and a senior trans woman, are hesitant at first, with the lesbian woman asking “are you sure you want me to go?” Ultimately, however, they all agree, and the youngsters start dressing them up in rainbow hats, sashes, handkerchiefs, and face paint. They’re then brought outside to see the big rainbow-painted bus arrive, and are cheered on as they enter a vehicle decorated with Pride flags and streamers.

Senior lesbian woman getting on the Dublin Pride bus

“You shouldn’t look at life as a journey,” says the voice of one of the senior gay men, “You should look at it as a dance.”

The seniors then arrive at Dublin Pride to march, greeted with cheers and kisses.

I never expected to anything like this in my life,” the lesbian says. “Thirty years ago I couldn’t do this.”

Senior trans woman getting a kiss from a young woman at Dublin Pride

The ad, called “The Long Road to Pride,” has been viewed over 465,000 on Twitter alone, and the response has been mostly happy tears.


Written by Lindsey Weedston